I am an Animator, Artist, Designer and part-time Lecturer from Dublin, Ireland.

With over 15 years in the Animation Industry, I have worked in Europe and the USA with mjuneany studios such as Fox Animation, MGM, Don Bluth Studios and Warner Bros on feature films including 'Anastasia', 'All Dogs Go To Heaven 2' and 'The Little Polar Bear 1 & 2', as well as numerous other successful European animated productions. I am a graduate of Sheridan College of Applied Arts, Toronto and The Irish School of Animation, Dublin (BCFE Arts).

I'm currently working from Ireland on Animation & Design projects as well as lecturing in Multimedia, DTP, Web Design and Design for Print. The courses I am involved with range from FETAC Certifications and Diplomas in courses such as Multimedia and Fashion Design to BA Degrees and MA post graduate courses in Journalism. I occasionally also teach evening classes in Art & Design, Animation Drawing, Life Drawing and Adobe and Quark creative software.

I combine my traditieaselsonal 2d animation expertise and background with my digital skills to create high quality Animation (both pre-production and production) for Feature Films, TV Series, Short Films, Commercials and Web based content for both Irish and International clients. I also design logos, magazines and business brochures. In what little spare time I have, I develop my own creative projects and I enjoy creating Portraits, as well as Coloured Pencil and Pastel Paintings.



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